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“Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.” – William Ernest Henley.

Eight weeks. Sunday, August 24, 2014. It seems like an eternity. Halfway through a sixteen week marathon training program of interval runs, distance runs, medium long runs, tempo runs, planned racing, simulated racing, and long runs, I take little comfort in the words of Mr. Henley – “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. I am exhausted.

This week: 50 to 70 miles.

Monday – Rest Day – 0 to 3 miles.

Tuesday – Interval – 8 to 11 miles total. 3 to 4 x 1,600 m at 10k pace 3 minutes recovery.

Wednesday – Distance – 7 to 10 miles.

Thursday – Medium long run – 10 to 13 miles.

Friday – Rest…

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Bugs. Ugh.

Running to Dresden

This weekend my husband and I went out of town with friends. We drove to New York and enjoyed a whirlwind winery and brewery tour. Needless to say, I didn’t do much running Friday or Saturday (aka NONE). After a five hour car ride on Sunday, and pit-stop at my in-laws, we made it home. We were tired. We were hungry. And the last thing I wanted to do was run. So, I didn’t.

We grabbed dinner. Picked up the dog from the kennel. We even went to the park and played catch.

At 8:30pm, I decided it was time for a run. No excuses, right? So, I laced up my shoes (I really need new ones – that’s a post for another day), grabbed my watch, and out I went. Five minutes in – right as I was hitting my stride – a bug flew into my left eye. I…

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Selection of Columbus – Dresden Exchanges

Artists in Residency Exchange Programs:   

  • Greater Columbus Arts Council – State of Saxony   Read more…    and more…
  • Ohio Arts Council (Zygote Press in Cleveland) – City of Dresden (Grafikwerkstatt Dresden)    Read more …

Academic Exchange Programs:

  • Sustainable Urban Development Exchange Program between the Knowlton School of Architecture, city and Regional Development Program at The Ohio State University and the Technische Universität Dresden     Read more…
  • The Ohio State University Summer Language Program in Dresden  Read more…

Choir Partnerships between:

  • The Columbus Maennerchor and Sächsischer Bergsteigerchor Kurt Schlosser
  • Germania Sports and Singing Society and Dresdner Polizeichor

 As well as:

  •  A Youth Theatre Project in 2009
  • Cultural Performances in each sister city
  • A high school student exchange
  • Photo Exchange between Camera Clubs in both cities