Carousel Horses


Commissioned for the Christmas markets in Columbus, Ohio, sponsored by the Columbus Dresden Sister City group, the nation’s only adult-sized, fully mobile carousel is now for sale. Eleven hand-carved horses and one fierce sea dragon rotate on the 22-foot diameter deck under typical canvas awnings.  The carousel can be towed by an SUV and assembled by a two- or three-person crew within a couple of hours.  Since its last use, it has been in dry storage.  However, since then, the Ohio Department of Agriculture rules for amusement rides have been modified, and the carousel needs approximately $60,000 of upgrades and engineered plans.  It is for sale for $225,000 “as is”. It is available for inspection in Powell, Ohio. For further information, please contact: Jeff McNealey, 614-227-2074 (office) or Dorit Fratzscher 614-227-2240
1098_002 1098_003 1098_004 1098_005 1098_006 1098_007 Carousel Horses - Full Page View


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